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React, Apollo, DDD + ES/CQRS, BDD, TDD

Quality at Speed

Chimp helps you write high quality code from the get-go. No more putting tests and quality as an after-thought. Quality first, speed for free.

Reduced Boilerplate

Boilerplate is time consuming, error prone and boring! Chimp reduces that through its various generators and smart defaults.

Everything is Modular

Modularity leads to maintainable and testable code, and this is a key feature of all Chimp's domain-driven and data-driven generators.

Apollo GraphQL Companion

No more excuses not to test GQL!

Chimp encourages a test-driven workflow by creating tests based on your schema, and helping you stay on the straight and narrow.

Fully Wired GQL Scaffolding

Chimp's GQL scaffolding will generate and wire up types, resolvers, and tests, ready for you to write use-cases for your app.

Modular GQL

Per the single responsibility principle, every query, mutation and field resolver are isolated making them easy to maintain long-term.

No lock-in

Use Chimp on new or existing projects, and walk away any time. There are no runtime dependencies as it uses a pure Apollo stack.

Typed from the ground up

Chimp produces elegant and minimalistic typed resolvers using graphql-code-generator with smart defaults, which decreases cognitive load.

Enterprise ready w/ Federation

As GQL projects grow they will likely need to be split into micrographs. With Chimp you can seamlessly transition to Apollo Federation.